5 Reasons Why It is Important to Get a Regular Dental Cleaning

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5 Reasons Why It is Important to Get a Regular Dental Cleaning

When it comes to your oral health, brushing your teeth on a regular basis is extremely important. However, your oral care shouldn’t stop there. Instead, most dentists and dental hygienists recommend that you get a full dental cleaning at least twice a year. These cleanings can have a huge positive impact on your health in the following ways:

Prevention Of Tooth Loss And Gum Disease

Gum disease has long been one of the biggest causes of tooth loss among adults. In most cases, these gum issues are caused by an excess build-up of plaque in your mouth. However, during a dental cleaning, your dentist will be able to strip away this plaque and greatly reduce your chances of developing gum disease and losing your teeth.

Prevention Of Cavities

A build-up of plaque doesn’t just cause gum disease. Indeed, it can also eat away at your tooth enamel and cause cavities. Therefore, a regular dental cleaning is recommended to clear away this plaque and keep your teeth nice and healthy.

Breath Freshening

Whether you are going on a date or just heading to work, it is always important to know that your breath smells fresh and clean. Though brushing and flossing can help to keep your breath smelling good for a little while, a regular dental cleaning is necessary if you want your mouth to remain odor free for years to come.

Removal Of Tooth Stains

Over the course of your life, you have likely picked up some stains on your teeth. This may have been caused by coffee, cigarettes, wine, or even tea. Whatever the cause of your tooth staining, it can almost certainly be removed or improved during your regular dental cleaning.

Improvement In Overall Health

Improving your oral hygiene is about so much more than having perfectly white teeth. Indeed, oral health has been linked to a number of serious illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. As such, your dental cleaning may even reduce your chances of developing diseases such as these.

Though it can sometimes be tough to find time to visit the dentist, your oral health is something that you shouldn’t ignore. As outlined in this article, even something as straightforward as a dental cleaning can have a huge impact on the health of your entire body.

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